Resources to help overcome opioid addiction

We want to make your battle to overcome opioid addiction easier. This journey is long. As a result, we want to come along side you. The list of resources below will grow longer.

Books to read to help overcome opioid addiction

First of all, Bill Wilson’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions remains the pre-eminent resource to help addicts overcome opioid addiction. While Wilson wrote the book for alcoholics, the principles and timeless common sense can help anyone, regardless of their addiction.

We recently read Russell Brand’s latest book on his battle – Recovery. Brand embraces the twelve step recovery path. Furthermore, his light style of writing is easily accessible.

Because the science is not settled in recovery, we’ve looked into several other methods to change your life. Re-Wired and its companion workbook have shown tremendous promise. Another great option for those who need to overcome opioid addiction is the discipline of mindfulness. This mindfulness workbook is geared to help you in your journey. Leveraging the core principle of non-judgmental awareness of the moment,

Another great resource is Change your Brain. This book delves into the physical harm of addiction. From there you can work to fix the structure of your brain to help you overcome opioid addiction.

Finally, for those helping another overcome opioid addiction, we recommend Helping the Addict You Love.

YouTube Channels and videos to watch to help overcome opioid addiction

We recently found CG Kid. His videos present an honest and frank assessment of drug use and what it takes to overcome addiction.

This TED talk from 2015 by Johann Hari shatters many of the erroneous perceptions of the opioid epidemic.

Getting help to overcome opioid addiction

If you need a recovery clinic or counselor, we can help you find one. But if you need immediate help, we recommend the Crisis Text Line platform. Text Home to 741741 and connect with skilled, caring counselors who can help you with your battle today.

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